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UGA students, faculty, and staff should click the button below to log in and review or make changes to your UGA Alert emergency notification contact information and preferences.


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UGA Parents and Campus Affiliates should click the button below to sign up for UGA Alert emergency notifications or to update your contact information and preferences.


UGA Alert is the emergency notification system for the University of Georgia community. UGA Alert allows you to receive emergency messages on multiple devices by text, voice phone call, and/or email. Additional dissemination methods for emergency notifications through the UGA Alert system include:

  • Push notifications in the UGA Safe app and the UGA app. Download the UGA Safe app here.
  • Pop-up messages through the UGA Alert desktop application if installed on UGA network computers. Download here.
  • Social media postings on the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness Facebook page and on X (formerly Twitter) to @UGAOEP, @UGAAlert, and @universityofga.
  • Website posting at and
  • Digital screens in various locations around the Athens campus

There are separate UGA Alert emergency message systems for each of the UGA campuses – Athens, Griffin, Gwinnett, Tifton, and Skidaway. You can choose to receive emergency messages for any or all the UGA campuses through the UGA Alert login links above.

To select the appropriate campus (Athens, Griffin, Gwinnett, Tifton, Skidaway):

  1. Login using the button above.
  2. At the top of the page next to My Account you will see a tab for Opt-in Lists. Click on that tab and then check the box that corresponds with the campus for which you want to receive alerts.

UGA Alert Frequently Asked Questions
01. What is the difference between a UGA Alert Emergency Notification and a Timely Warning?

Emergency notifications are used when there is a severe health or safety threat to the entire campus that has not been contained or controlled and when immediate action is required to stay safe (e.g. tornado warning, active shooter, chemical spill impacting public health, etc.). Emergency notifications activate all UGA Alert dissemination methods.

Timely Warnings are used when a situation on or near campus constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat to the campus community. The UGA Police Department sends timely warnings through email and through a push notification in the UGA Safe app.

If you are signed up to receive UGA Alert messages with an email address, you will automatically receive timely warning emails when issued. You can download the UGA safe app here.

02. Who can issue a UGA Alert emergency notifications or timely warnings?

On the Athens campus, UGA Alert emergency notifications or timely warnings are usually sent by the UGA Police Department. Messages can be authorized by: the UGA President, any Vice President; Chief of Police (or acting Chief of Police), and Director of Emergency Preparedness (or acting director).

UGA Alert emergency notifications are automatically activated when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning.

Information about UGA Alert activation at other UGA campuses can be found here.

03. Who manages the UGA Alert system?

The UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness manages the UGA Alert system in collaboration with the UGA Police Department, UGA Marketing and Communications, and UGA Enterprise Information Technology Services.

For more information or email [email protected].

04. If am a student, faculty, or staff, do I need to sign up for UGA Alerts?

Students: Student email addresses are automatically registered in the UGA Alert system. Student cell phone numbers as listed in the Athena student information system are also automatically registered in the UGA Alert system. Students should verify their phone contact information in the Athena system. You can also change or update your communication information and preferences at the UGA Alert MyID login at the top of the page.

Faculty and Staff: Faculty and Staff email addresses are automatically registered in the UGA Alert system. Faculty and staff can verify their information and add contact information, including text or voice call numbers, using the UGA Alert MyID login at the top of the page.

05. Can anyone other than students, faculty, or staff sign up for UGA Alert?

UGA parents and campus affiliates can use the “UGA Parents and Campus Affiliates” login link at the top of the page to sign up for UGA Alert. Campus Affiliates includes spouses and dependents of UGA students, faculty, and staff; UGA retirees; contractors; visiting scholars and researchers; and others who work on the UGA campus but do not have a UGA email address.

If you have any questions, reach out to the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness at 706-542-5845 or by email at [email protected].


06. Are UGA Alert notifications sent for non-emergencies?

UGA Alert will not be used for non-emergency notifications such as lane closures, inclement weather closings, localized building emergencies, situations that have been contained or controlled, situations where a threat does not exist, rumor control, situations where notification is merely a convenience, or situations where other non-emergency communication methods are more appropriate.

07. How often is the UGA Alert system tested?

UGA Alert is tested twice a year—during the February statewide severe weather drill and again near the beginning of the fall semester.

08. How often are UGA Alerts issued?

On average, about 2 emergency notifications are issued per year. Of course, this depends on any emergencies that would trigger the UGA Alert system. The most common reason for activation is a tornado warning.

Emergency notifications are issued 24/7 as warranted.

09. Will I receive a notice even if I am off campus?

If you are registered for UGA Alert emergency notifications, you will receive alerts if issued, regardless of your location. If you are on one of the UGA extended campuses (Griffin, Gwinnett, Tifton, Skidaway), you are encouraged to opt in to receive alerts for your extended campus when you login to the UGA Alert system.

10. What number will appear on my caller ID and what email address is used for UGA Alert?

For voice calls, the number reflected on your caller ID will be 706-542-0111. Text messages may come from any of the following short codes: 67283, 78015, 226787, or 77295.

UGA Alert emergency notification emails will come from [email protected]. Timely warning emails will come from [email protected].

11. What should I do if I receive a UGA Alert message?

Take the message seriously and follow the instructions provided in the message to take immediate action. Additional information will be posted to when available.

12. Are users purged from the system?

UGA parents and campus affiliates must login to their profile and choose to stop receiving messages.

UGA students, faculty, and staff are automatically purged from the system based on their status as provided by the UGA Identity Management System (

13. What if I have additional questions?

Call the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness at 706-542-5845 or email [email protected]. You can also visit

Emergency Preparedness is Everyone’s Responsibility