What is the MyBEAP Plan Generator?

Developed by OEP, the MyBEAP is an easy and efficient web-based method to create a Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP). After BSSRs complete eleven user-friendly sections, the system will automatically generate a building specific BEAP.

How do I access MyBEAP?

BSSRs, using a valid UGA MyID and password, can log into a secure link to create their BEAP:

Can I update MyBEAP after I’ve submitted it?

Yes, upon log in, BSSRs will be able to enter and exit each section of the MyBEAP online plan generator as needed to view / edit / complete.

How will I know when MyBEAP has been reviewed by OEP?

Upon completing the MyBEAP, the program will automatically send OEP an email that the MyBEAP has been completed. After OEP has reviewed all sections in the MyBEAP, BSSRs connected with that building will receive an email from OEP with feedback / instructions related to the completed BEAP.

How will I be notified when it is time to update MyBEAP?

The system will automatically create an annual email reminder to BSSRs connected with a specific building that it is time to update their MyBEAP.

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