UGA Safe

UGA Safe

The UGA Safe App is the university’s mobile safety app that offers important emergency information and resources.

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  • Chat with UGA Police: Users can initiate a chat session with the UGA Police when calling may not be possible. Easy to use phone links to call the UGA Police or Athens-Clarke County Police are also available.
  • Mobile BlueLight: Share your location and call the UGA police. Your location sharing stays on while you move so the police know your location. 
  • Friend Walk: Send your location in real time to a friend so they can watch as you walk to your destination. This feature works while riding/driving, too. 
  • Emergency Resources: Learn what to do in an emergency, how to share emergency information with 911, and where to shelter on campus. 


    screen shot of UGA Safe app home page

    UGA Safe App Homepage
    screen shot of UGA Safe app mobile blue light feature

    Mobile BlueLight

    Contact UGA Police
    screen shot of UGA Safe app friend walk feature

    Friend Walk

    Additional Features:

    • Well-being & Prevention Programs: Links to resources for students experiencing difficulty including 24/7 mental health, sexual assault, Student Care and Outreach, Disability Resource Center, UGA Health Center, and others.
    • UGA Alert: View UGA Alert notification history, the UGA Emergency website, and update your information in the UGA Alert system. 
    • Report a Tip: Report a safety tip directly to the UGA Police Department through the app. Photos or videos may be attached to a tip. 
    • Campus Maps: Maps showing the location of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) and evacuation chairs. Maps showing the most accessible routes on campus as well as bus routes are also included.


      How do I conduct a Safe Walk using the UGA Safe app? 

      Follow the following steps to use the Safe Walk feature of the UGA Safe app: 

      • Open the UGA Safe app and choose Friend Walk 
      • Click Start Friend Walk 
      • Choose a person with whom to share your location 
      • After the person accepts the friend walk, choose your destination 
      • Walk (drive or ride) to your destination 
      • At any time, you can hit the emergency button and it will notify your friend that something is wrong as well as take you to your phone screen to call 911. 
      • Hit the end walk button when you are done 

      Below is a video on how to conduct a friend walk.

      How do I use the mobile blue light feature?

      To use the mobile blue light feature, simply open the UGA Safe app and choose the mobile blue light option. When you click the “Call Now” button, your location will be shared with the UGA Police Department. You will be taken to your call screen with the 706-542-2200 phone number displayed. Click call to connect your phone to the UGA Police Department. To stop the location sharing feature, simply navigate away from the Mobile Blue Light page.

      Is my data safe?

      Yes. All data is encrypted both in transit (TLS 1.2) and at any point where the data is stored. For cloud hosting the UGA Safe vendor uses the Microsoft Azure Geo-Redundant Platform. For more information about UGA Safe security go to  

      Who has access to my location?

      Only certain administrators with permissions to access the UGA Safe dashboard, as well as the vendor Support Team, has access to this information which can be found under Location Map > Walk History. The vendor Support Team only has access in order to troubleshoot any issues with any location-based features.

      Do I need to enable location services for UGA Safe for it to work?

      Yes. In order for the location-dependent features to work – like Friend Walk or Mobile Blue Light – UGA Safe needs to be able to access your location. You will not be actively tracked when the app is not in use and when you are using non-location-dependent features.

      Bulldog standing next to Emergency preparedness is everyone's responsbility

      Emergency Preparedness is Everyone’s Responsibility