Building Safety and Security Representatives (BSSRs) Program

University of Georgia Building Safety and Security Representative (BSSR) Policy

BSSR – Who is My BSSR? Where do I shelter? And what do I do during a fire?

Need to know what to do in emergencies for a specific building? Where to shelter in severe weather? What about a fire, where is the evacuation area? Find out not only who is the building’s safety and security representative(s), but also where to shelter in severe weather and where to evacuate to in case of a fire,


BSSRs can now register as a Primary or Backup BSSR, view their buildings as well as update (or delete) their personal and building information.. all from one login link using their UGA MYId.

  • All new BSSRs will need to contact OEP to schedule a meeting discussing the BSSR program or review the BSSR Online Training Module (see below)
  • Proceed to Login (Using UGA MyID) for Primary / Backup registration, view buildings, add/delete buildings, update personal and building information
  • MyBEAP – an online Building Emergency Action Plan generator


New BSSRs should utilize the BSSR Training Module to better understand their roles and responsibilities associated with the BSSR program. The BSSR Training Module provides detailed information on roles / responsibilities, UGAAlert information, suggestions for improving emergency preparedness in your building, an introduction to the online building emergency action plan generator, training opportunities for BSSRs and available resources.


Developed by OEP, the MyBEAP is an easy and efficient web-based method to create a Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP). After BSSRs complete eleven user-friendly sections, the system will automatically generate a building-specific BEAP.

The MyBEAP,  now available to BSSRs, is an easy and user-friendly way to generate a building-specific Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP). A valid UGA MyID and password are required to access the MyBEAP.

  • Click here to complete your MyBEAP.

To complete the MyBEAP, the following information will be needed:

    1. Building Safety Team members and contact information
    2. Emergency Floor Coordinator names, contact information, and floor locations
    3. Building Hazards / Areas of Special Concern
    4. Specific locations of individuals with disabilities in the building
    5. Names, contact information, and location of CPR / First Aid certified individuals in the building
    6. Location of any Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the building
    7. Location of any first aid kits in the building
    8. Location of fire evacuation assembly areas
    9. Location of bomb threat evacuation locations
    10. Specific location(s) of tornado shelter areas in the building
    11. NOAA Weather Radio Locations and Staff Assignments

If you need assistance or have questions about completing a MyBEAP for your building, please contact the Office of Emergency Preparedness at (706) 542-5845.

After generating your MyBEAP, you can create a summary of the building emergency action plan. If you have a special event, you can create an event incident action plan with emergency procedures specific for that event such as summer camps. 

Emergency Signs & Posters

Severe Weather Shelter Signs

Severe Weather Shelter Area sign

The Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) is offering Building Safety and Security Representatives (BSSRs) free severe weather sheltering signs for their buildings. These signs are useful in providing a visual reminder to students, faculty, and staff in buildings where the best shelter areas are located in their building in case of a tornado. The signs come with adhesive strips attached, which generally stick to a variety of wall surfaces.

BSSRs can contact OEP at [email protected] or 542-5845 to request the severe weather sheltering signs. OEP staff will deliver and install the signs in your building at your request. Additionally, OEP personnel will assist with the identification of severe weather sheltering areas in your building, as needed.

Sign Dimensions – 10″ tall by 7″ wide.

Emergency Posters

Sample emergency poster

These resources developed by the Office of Emergency Preparedness can provide quick instructions on what to do in a variety of emergencies such as severe weather, fire, a chemical spill, active shooters or medical emergencies. Each poster and podium card have building-specific information in the lower right corner which will tell occupants where to shelter in case of severe weather or where the fire evacuation location is for that particular building.

If you would like more information about these resources, or if you would like to have them installed in your building, contact Noelle Broadnax.

Emergency Preparedness is Everyone’s Responsibility